Infinite void
No one can no longer fill
We choke on your pain
We drift in a sea of sorrow
No one will ever be able to replace you

The pain will never fade, ever
Cause we know that your death
means our certain perdition
We know your death will destroy us

In empty oceans we will sink
We'll Gaze into blackened skies
Over dead soil we will fly
To the end of the world

As your agonizing screams become silent
Slowly, continuously

The path to the abyss is paved with greed
Exploitation has become your silent companion
You will be ruthlessly sacrificed

Your last warnings are fading into darkness
Your death is sealed, finally
Your sentence is enforced
Merciless torture is coming to an end

Cruel, disrespectful

Even the greatest might fades in the face of time
Your suffering's been put to an end

Disfigured, lifeless, poisoned

Torn into pieces you lie here
Demonstrating your mortality
We will fall into the abyss
Into oblivion

We will perish forever
This is the end of our time
You free yourself from your tormentors

Your eternal vengeance
Our death is sealed
Your eternal vengeance
Our death is sealed

Your Death is sealed


from Nurturing the Vultures, released September 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Mesmerized by Misery Germany

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